Soleil Levant is a German luxury fashion brand that supports traditional textile craftsmanship. We create timeless accessories and garments tailored from handmade fabrics that are made of pure natural silk and cotton fibers - that tell a story. Our products are made by hand using traditional techniques and the love for detail to create high quality and unique products.

We are always looking for new partners as well as collaborators and are interested to learn more about traditional techniques from around the world.

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In our first collection, we worked with handloom silk ikat fabrics from Uzbekistan. Silk ikats are among the most iconic and fascinating textiles of the silk road. In Uzbekistan they call the dyeing of ikat fabric "abr-bandi" (transl. "cloud-tying") which refers to the binding technique that gives ikat its characteristic cloud-like pattern.

Ikat is a resist dye weaving process where unwoven threads are tied off and dyed before weaving. In Uzbekistan only the warp yarns are bound tightly and dyed. When you see ikat stretched on a frame, it is already a work of art. It requires great artistic skills and years of experience to make this fabric.

The label Soleil Levant was founded by the German textile and clothing engineer Valerie Hansen. Before her studies, she did a 3 year apprenticeship as a fashion tailor. After finishing her Master's degree, she started her career in the fashion industry. The idea to create an ethical and sustainable fashion brand, started to sprout in 2011. Out of this concept the name "Soleil Levant" (translated: rising sun) arose.


Creating a new form of fashion: focusing on traditonal and vintage fabrics as well as an ethical garment production is the philosophy of this label. At the beginning of 2019 the idea came to life. With her brand Soleil Levant she has the aim to support traditional craftsmanship and women communities that empower women to be financially independent.